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more guests

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Many guests - too few rooms?

Does it occur to you?

Too little space for your guests

Mr. Stock loves his vineyards. Even more do his guests love his wine! Until now, tourists have stayed in the main house. But here the space is limited and Mr. Stock has much more demand than supply. He misses a lot of turnover! He doesn't want to give up that money and starts thinking. Its reason still offers lucrative opportunities.

Satisfied guests and additional income

Even before the completion of his Module8 residential units, Mr. Stock is fully booked. Many of his guests now stay longer than just one night and enjoy the beautiful scenery and of course its delicious wine. And since Mr. Stock still has more demand than supply, he is already thinking further with Module8.

is the solution!

With Module8, Mr. Stock can take advantage of these opportunities. He now plans to build 3 housing units.

Example calculation

  • Invest
    Living space / units: 90 m2 / 3 Total investment: € 143,997,-*
    *including delivery, installation, fully furnished and air conditioning
  • Financing
    Loans: € 100,798,-
    Equity: € 43,199
    Income: € 1,625,-
    (€ 541,- per unit at 50 occupancy)**
    Cash Flow Invoice: Income - Management Costs - Loan Payment:
    € 1,625 - € 100 - € 696 = € 829,-***

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Many reasons for Module8


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Would you like to finally use your property for tourist holiday apartments?

Hotel extension

Are you looking for an easy and innovative way to expand your hotel?

Our models

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  • 30 - 65m2 living space
  • Low-energy house
  • From € 39,999

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