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general questions

From our initial planning and submission planning through to safe and efficient construction practices in manufacturing, delivery and installation,we work hard to realize sustainable developments where communities canthrive.
Our modular houses are CE certified and comply with European harmonized standards:

– EN 14545 : 2008 – Wooden structures, Joints, Requirements.
– EN 1647 : 2018 – Motor Homes, Portable Mobile Homes, Required Living Conditions for Health and Safety.

How our houses are built
Our modular houses are available in all shapes and sizes and are built very specifically. Our cost-effective modular solution consists of a solid wood construction for long-term stability and longevity. For safety reasons,we use high quality mineral wool for insulation, which is best suited to the indoor climate and health. All installations comply with EU standards. The entire Module8™ is built according to Austrian building regulations and meets the EU energy classification.

Wooden frame walls:

Thermal insulation: Our timber frame walls are insulated within the depth of the load-bearing timber frame, so that any cavity between the frame and the timber outer leaf is kept clear for weather protection and ventilation.

Fire protection measures: Module8 timber frame modular houses are designed according to the same fire protection standards as masonry houses.

Vapor control: If you drill a hole in the inner wood cladding of the outer wall, you can drill through the vapor barrier. This layer will be a separate polyethylene film. It is designed to prevent water vapor from inside the house from entering the wooden frame. So when you drill a hole, you should seal it again with tape or other suitable material.

Interior walls: Internal walls are made of wooden frames or with their own partitions. Wooden frame walls and your own partitions are covered with wooden panels.Some interior walls are load-bearing, so you should not remove them or make significant changes to them without consulting a specialist.

Yes. Our houses are produced in line with at least the minimum energy efficiency demands according to EU energy efficiency regulations. For a more detailed summary, see the energy rating question below.

Our houses are designed for small space functional living. That means that they are designed with all the main amenities that an individual, couple or family would need and without any more and without any less. Space is valuable, therefore there is no room for mess or wasted space. With this in mind, these houses are ideal for individuals looking for a place to setup a first home, a second home, a holiday home or just a retreat somewhere in the mountains! Our houses are also an ideal investment. For example, individuals or small businesses looking to setup some housing for visiting tourists will get a fantastic return on investment. Our houses can be built separately or be joined together in order to save space. Big businesses can also benefit from our designs in order house co-workers. In fact, there are big tax incentives (in Austria) for businesses who build accommodation specifically for their co-workers. Our houses are absolutely ideal for this.

No, not directly from us. We do however sell our solutions to clients who in-turn rent these modular houses via their rental platforms. If you require the solution for an extended period of time, buying one of our solutions may make more sense than renting. We recommend you to get in touch so we can advise you further.

Momentarily, no, but we plan to build our first showroom in the very near future. Please see our projects section to give you an example of houses already built, delivered and installed.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on the frame dimensions of all our
houses. The warranty covers frame integrity, floor, roof and walls.
All parts used in the construction of our houses are covered by a one-year

Absolutely not. Our modular housing solutions are made from 100% timber construction and have nothing to do with sea freight containers. It is possible that a reinforced steel joint is required in a housing unit depending on which housing option you take, but this will not be visible to the naked eye.

The design of your house will be made in Austria. Your house will be produced by our certified EU partners in accordance with EU building standards and regulations.

Our cost-effective modular solutions consist of a solid wood construction for long-term stability and durability. To ensure safety, for the insulation we use high-quality mineral wool, which is best for the indoor climate and health. All electrical and water installations comply with EU standards. The entire Module8 series is built according to Austrian building codes and satisfies EU Energy Rating Certifications. In this regard, yes, our houses are comparable to ‘real’ houses. We will not pretend to have housing solutions made from bricks and mortar. If you are looking for that, you will have to look elsewhere. If however you want an energy efficient, cost effective ‘mobile’ house then you are in the right place!

Our modular houses are an excellent investment opportunity. Built to last, they come turnkey ready and can be ready to occupy within a very short period of time. We provide extra value by helping with foundational plans, transport and installation. If you require any of your modules fully furnished, we can also do that too, which means after installation of the house, and connection of the water, sewage and electricity to the mains power, the house is ready to occupy from the first night.

We at Module8 strive to offer module houses and services at the highest level. We work hard to solve any problems our customers tell us, but we know that sometimes things can go wrong. If you have a concern or are dissatisfied in any way, we will do our best to solve your problem in a fair and transparent way.We will investigate all complaints competently, carefully and impartially and evaluate each complaint fairly, consistently and promptly, taking into account all relevant factors, to ensure a fair outcome.

Talk to us

To assist us in investigating and trying to resolve your complaint, please provide us with the following information:

– Your name and address
– How can we best contact you?
– A clear description of your complaint, if possible, with pictures.
– Details of how we, in your opinion, can resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

Our commitment to you

– We will thoroughly investigate your complaint and provide a fair response that takes into account all information available to us.
– We will confirm your complaint within 24 hours (except weekends) and contact you. We will discuss the next steps with you within one week. If it is not possible to deal with your complaint within this first week, we will do so:
– We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint on a weekly basis.
– we try to keep the problem-solving time as short as possible

Our business is to design and supply housing solutions for businesses and individuals. If you have a specific request regarding anything to do with our housing offer, please get in touch using the number above or via our contact form and we will be happy to help answer any of your questions.

energy related questions

Our houses are essentially mobile units, meaning that they do not all fall under the same regulations as normal brick (fixed) houses, so, for example, a planning permit/energy certificate to build is not always required (depending in which country/province you live). However, if you require an energy certificate for your house we will be happy to supply once. In this age of increased awareness of energy usage, we feel it is still important to give our customers a good idea of our standard energy rating and what one can do to improve it if one requires.


As you may know already, under EU/Austrian energy certification regulations, there are four minimum requirements to meet:


  1. The ‘HWB’ or the ‘Heating Demand Reference’ is the amount of heat that is in the room, that must be provided in order to maintain the temperature at a normatively required room temperature without taking into account any income from heat recovery. Here, our standard rating is C and as part of the overall energy certificate it is enough to be granted planning permission in Austria (if it is required). If you would like to improve the rating, we can increase the level of insulation of the walls without a problem, although our standard solution will be enough for all-year round living.


  1. The ‘PEB’ or the ‘Primary Energy Demand’ is the final energy demand including the losses in all upstream chains. The primary energy demand has a renewable and non-renewable share. Here, our standard rating is B and as part of the overall energy certificate it is enough to be granted planning permission in Austria (if it is required). If you want to increase this rating you can think about generating the warm water from any heat pump that you might want to install. Our standard housing solutions come with a fitted water tank that is controlled through a standard electrical output. Further suggestions to increase this rating could be to use 4m2 solar panels for warm water and to install a 2kw peak photovoltaic system.


  1. The ‘CO2’ or ‘Carbon Emissions’ is the total carbon dioxide emission attributable to the final energy demand including those for upstream chains. Here, our standard rating is B and as part of the overall energy certificate it is enough to be granted planning permission in Austria (if it is required).


  1. The ‘fGEE’ or the ‘Energy Performance Factor’ is the total energy factor and is the quotient of the final energy demand and a reference of the final energy demand. Here, with the use of a standard heat pump, our standard rating is A and as part of the overall energy certificate it is enough to be granted planning permission in Austria (if it is required).

All heating and cooling elements, as well as any electrical appliances in our houses are run by electricity, meaning there will be no gas connection. Taking this into account as well as our standard energy certification, for a single person living in a 30 m2 living space, we estiamte that you can expect to pay something in the region of €500 + for your annual electricity bill. Of course there are many factors that can influence this: actual energy usage, energy saving technology, number of days spent actually in the house, area etc. For a family of four living in a larger space of up to 65 m2 living space, we estimate that you can expect to pay up to €1000 + for your energy bills, but this is of course only an estimation and assumes 365 days of living. All figures here are only estimates and are for Austria only. We recommend that you conduct your own research in this area during your budgeting process.

Our houses are designed for all season use.

Yes, this is possible. If you would like a wood-burning oven please let us know during the planning phase of your house and we will prepare the required wall openings and fire-proof the appropriate area.

approval, placement and customisation

Housing units that are classed as ‘mobile’ usually do not require a planning permit in Austria. However, our recommendation would always be to check with your local municipal office in your district to ensure that you understand the building regulations in the area that you intend to build one of our houses. Failing to do so could cost you! Once you have a permit, we can start the design, order, payment, production and delivery phases of your house.

Our houses are modular in construction. That means several things. It means that once design is finalized, complete production takes place in the factory and then the house is transported to the delivery destination. The module is then lifted by crane to its pre-prepared foundation and then fitted to the ground. Depending on which house you choose, it may be that there is more than one module, in which case, two or more modules will be transported and then joined together. Either way, your house, if you so choose it, can be moved from one place to another by simply ‘deinstalling’ it. Deinstallation would involve stripping away the drainage system, joining, and other internal furniture, and then securely lifting the modules onto trucks to then transport them to the next destination.

Absolutely. Our modules are designed so that they can be joined together to form a greater space, or joined together to create a community of houses. Whatever your requirement, we can certainly create something with you. For more information, we advise to get in touch and we can advise you further on various aspects of your project.

Yes, you can. Our standard colors that we use are light or dark oak on the outside and white on the inside. If you have another requirement, please let us know and we can advise you further.

We will create a foundation scheme for you once an initial prepayment is made for your house. You are at liberty to build a standard concrete foundation or even a raised foundation using screws, dots or strips. The foundation will very much depend on your final design, area and how you intend to use the house.

Yes. We have excellent and reliable construction partners in Austria who are expert in building foundations and all kinds of infrastructure. Upon prepayment of any order, we will design the foundational scheme to help you with building your foundation. Furthermore, if you require assistance with building your foundation, we are happy to put you in touch with our construction partner.


payment, delivery and installation

There is a four-stage payment process for individual Module8 projects:

  • 10% payable within 3 days after invoicing for your reservation in the manufacturing list.
  • 40% payable within 3 days after invoicing to start manufacturing your module8.
  • 40% payable within 3 days after confirmation of completion of construction.
  • 10% payable within 3 days of delivery and assembly.

The transport costs are not included in the package price for your Module8. The transport costs are calculated according to your delivery address. Truck transport prices often fluctuate but as a general guideline, you can expect to pay about €4.000 (net) for one truck to Austria (price subject to change). If your delivery address is outside of Austria, but within the EU, you will incur an extra charge for the transport. This charge will depend upon the exact delivery address of the Module8 house as well as how many modules you are transporting.

Out main delivery destination is in Austria as it is more cost-effective for our installation team. For our business and tourist clients who require larger housing solutions (five houses or more), we can deliver EU-wide and also send out installation teams to take delivery and construct the modular housing solution on pre-prepared foundations.

Our installation team will be on site to install the house on a pre-prepared foundation. The team will ensure that the modules are fixed properly and that the internal works are carried out correctly. Installation of a single housing using unit usually take up to two days.

The modules are prepared with sanitary, water and electric lines. The connection of these lines to the main lines you should arrange yourself.


Yes. We work with a reputable financing and insurance partner who has vast experience in arranging suitable finance for businesses and individuals. Out financing partner has excellent working relationships to the credit industry in Austria and these relationships also extend cross-border to many EU countries. If you have questions concerning a financing, please get in touch and we will be happy to introduce you to our partner.