High-quality construction

Our cost-effective modular solution consists of a solid wood construction for long-term stability and durability.
To ensure safety, for the insulation we use high-quality mineral wool, which is best for the indoor climate and health. All electrical and
water installations comply with EU standards. The entire Module8™ is built according to Austrian building codes and satisfies
EU Energy Rating Certification.

grafik (1)
  1. Metallziegeldach
  2. Kerndämmung (Mineralwolle) 200 mm
  3. Holzfaserplatte 35 mm
  1. Hochwertige Holzverkleidung
  2. Innen- und Außenverkleidung wählbar
  3. Kerndämmung (Mineralwolle)
  1. Hochwertiges Holzlaminat
  2. Kerndämmung (Mineralwolle)
  3. Infrarot - Fußbodenheizung

How Module8 is manufactured


Type: sloping

1. Roofing: Steel gloss, 0,45mm.
2. Counter rail
3. Waterproofing – DIFOIL-S Super-Diffusion Membrane
4. Thermal insulation 200mm mineral wool
5. Vapor barrier – Оndutis B (R70) Smart
6. Interior walls:

  • Original Wood
  • Wooden lining width 80-100mm
  • Painted with water based acrylic (color can be chosen)

Drainage system fitted on installation.

Wall construction

1. Interior walls:

  • Original wood.
  • Wooden lining of 80-100mm.
  • Painted with water based acrylic (color can be chosen).

2. Vapor barrier – Ondutis B (R70) Smart.
3. Wooden rail with 50mm mineral wool
4. Timber frame with 150mm mineral wool
5. OSB-plate 18mm
6. Exterior walls:

  • Original wood.
  • Different kind of wood material, panels 120mm.
  • Painted with water based acrylic (color can be chosen).

Floor construction

1. Original wood–laminate

  • WC –high quality linoleum, sealed in corners and along the walls.

2. Underfloor heating
3. OSB-plate 20mm
4. Vapor barrier- Ondutis B (R70) Smart.
5. Timber frame with 200mm mineral wool
6. Waterproofing – DIFOIL-S Super-Diffusion Membrane

7. OSB-plate 18mm trated with bitumen

Do you have further questions about the design of Module8?