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for your employees

Use your plots wisely!

Unnecessary bills?

Does it occur to you?

High costs due to commuting employees

Obermaier has 140 employees who commute more than 40 kilometres a day. Many of them with the bus paid for by the company. Some stay in hotels in the region. Delays and avoidable costs and stressed employees are the result. It would be nice if the staff had a place to live nearby.

Motivated employees and additional income

Now 20 employees have a nearby accommodation! No additional costs, no more delays, but motivated employees and an additional source of income. Obermaier is already planning additional modules for the remaining 120 employees.

is the solution!

Company Obermaier has long had a fallow plot. On this you now plan to build 20 residential units.

Example calculation

  • Invest
    Living space / units: 600 m2 / 20 Total investment: € 959,980,-*
    *including delivery, installation, fully furnished and air conditioning
  • Financing
    Loans: € 671,986
    Equity: € 287,986,-
  • Profitability
    Rent: € 7,200,- (€ 360,- per unit)
    Cash flow invoice: rent - management costs - interest - repayment:
    € 7,200 - € 516 - € 1,700- € 2,900 = € 2,084,-**

Looking for solutions?

Many reasons for Module8

Beginner's apartment

You want to offer your young employees the opportunity of their first own living space?

Commuter apartments

You no longer want to accommodate commuting employees in hotels?

Incentive for employees

You want to offer potential employees incentives and set yourself apart from the competition?

Our Models

The right solution for every requirement!

  • 30 - 65m2 living space
  • Low-energy house
  • From € 39,999

Vijay Chavda

Project Manager

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