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Affordable living

enable for everyone

Use your plots wisely!

Exploding property prices – unaffordable land?

Does it occur to you?

The dream of your own four walls

Margot and Martin have been looking for the perfect house for three years. However, they are giving up hope slowly from home. Completely overpriced real estate, crazy high prices for land and the construction of a house is then also too expensive. The dream of owning one's own four walls threatens to burst.

The fulfillment of a dream – your own eight walls!

Margot and Martin are overjoyed. You can build your own small but fine house with Module8. Best of all, it has not only four but eight walls! And Peter is also happy: he has turned his abandoned property into money.

is the solution!

Margot and Martin got to know Module8 through their friend Peter. This one owns a plot of land. He then grants both the construction of a Module8. Margot and Martina make up for the offer.

Example calculation

Looking for solutions?

Many reasons for Module8

Affordable living

You finally want to fulfill your dream of owning your own house?

Use land

Your property costs money, but they don't want to sell it? With Module8, they don't have to sell and still make money.

Flexible living

You need and want a nice home only for a certain period of time and do not want to pay inflated rents?

Our models

The right solution for every requirement!

Vijay Chavda

Project Manager

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